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Don’t miss out – get LIFETIME access to all the Performance Living Summit

Get Full Access To ALL The Performance Living Summit Recordings!

Although our LIVE summit is now over, the worth of these 30 sessions with leading experts in the art of performance living is as strong today as it was the week these amazing interviews were recorded. So we’re going to give you an opportunity, on this page, to get access to every Performance Living Summit video session for life.

As you’ll see in a moment, our event drew an esteemed line-up of speakers.

During each day of the Performance Living Summit we published four (sometimes five) interviews with our speakers. In the end we had 30 high-impact sessions that we are now making available (for a short time) at the SAME low discounted price that was offered during the event.

But this will not last, so be sure to grad the discounted recording while you have the chance.

By the time you finish watching the first video, you’ll have glimpsed a better way to make progress when it comes to your health, your wealth, and your personal growth. Instead of wasting years of effort trying to get ahead on your own steam, you’ll learn the time and effort saving SHORTCUTS that propelled our 30 speakers to success in their chosen field.

Decades of their best ideas and strategies compressed into just hours.

Who’s Presenting & What Is Each Session About?

Dr. Dan Ritchie and myself (Carolyn Hansen) hand-selected speakers who we felt exhibit the kind of high-performance lifestyle to which every one of us ought to aspire.

These are people who are at the top of their game. They have got where they are in life through hard work and they know the value of a hard-won shortcut! That means they are in a position to save you a TON of time, money, and effort when it comes to getting what YOU want from life.

And they all agreed to spill the beans on the ONE strategy, discovery, or philosophy that has made the biggest difference in getting to where they are today.

In other words, by purchasing the collection of summit recordings now you LOCK IN the opportunity to discover some of the most precious success shortcuts you’re likely to be exposed to this year. OR you can risk having to figure it all out on your own and spend perhaps years in the process getting it done… All the while with absolutely no guarantee you’ll ever chance upon the valuable discoveries made by our 30 speakers!

Why risk doing that when you can learn everything these high-performance individuals in the areas of health, wealth, and personal growth are willing to divulge in these valuable sessions?

Below you’ll find a list of those speakers & their chosen topic:

Dr. Arland Hill

Optimizing Your Brain for Personal Development with Nutrition

Bedros Keuilian

How to find your Passion and Dominate your Path

Dr. Joe Rubino

The Ultimate Guide to Boosting the Most Important Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life

Dr. Peter Osborne

The Grainflammation Cycle – how eating the wrong foods can cause inflammation, muscle loss & weight gain.

Erin Nielsen

4 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Gene Expression for Youthful Skin, Effortless Weight Loss, and Amazing Energy after 40

Fred Schafer

50 Fit: Bring on the Future!

Kathy Smart

Tips for Living the Smart Way: A new Revolution in Food and Thinking

Marna Thall 

Tips to Rewire Your Brain To Think, Eat and Live Thin

Nisan Trotter

Achieving Your Best You

Robby Blanchard

How to improve your overall life performance

Sylvia Chierchia

Know your numbers. It’s the key thing for your business to grow, thrive and be profitable

Stephanie Mulac

When The American Dream Kicks You To The Curb

Dr. Rudy Mueller

How to implement mindfulness into your morning routines, to eliminate stress from entering your morning

Craig Ballantyne

The Perfect Day Formula

Dr. Kellee Rutley

Reinvent your health to reinvent yourself

Lori Kennedy

How to stop worrying about “Balance” in your life

Lily Jensen

Discover your Passion and Using your Goals to reach your dreams

Dr. Margaret Paul

The ONE Major Cause of Relationship Problems

Chris Cade

Single Greatest Discovery to Living a life that matters

Gudni Gunnarson

Presence is power and the seven steps of transformation

Kristen Howe

Extraordinary Momentum (the Secret to Happiness, Abundance and Fulfillment)

Marcie Peters

How to Deal with Self-Sabotage and the Shame Cycle

Holly Rigsby

The 3 Keys to achieving ANY Goal

Nicole Gebhardt

Everyone has a story to tell: How to write the best book to catapult you to greater success

Jeffrey Gignac

Unblock Your Brain! – Tap The Power of “Everyday Creation” for True Abundance, Unshakable Happiness and Vibrant Health

Dr. Brian Mowll

What is type 2 diabetes and how does it relate to Performance Living?

Dr. Cody Sipe

What are the secrets for optimal Performance in your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond

Ben Greenfield

How to achieve super human performance without destroying your body

Dawn Sylvester

How to have endless energy in your 50s and beyond

Dorian Marie

The secrets to surviving Menopause and rocking your 50s!

“I missed the summit – what do I do now?”

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And you won’t need to pay the typical $1,000 or $2,000 “too bad you couldn’t make it to the talks” price tag that most summits charge for their “after summit” videos.

With our event there’s no plane ticket, hotel room, or overpriced meals.

And with the All-Access Pass, you can entirely avoid trying to cram all the sessions into a few days.

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Watch the Success Summit at your convenience

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($197 value)

Complimentary PDF copies of “250 Healthy Desserts And Snacks”  + Bonuses
($37 value)

Get LIFETIME Access to 30 Expert Interviews Plus Exclusive Bonuses for… just $47 (returning to $97 soon)

All you need to do is take the next step

Admittedly you might not know exactly what that should be right now.

But that’s exactly why we recruited our speakers. To give you the opportunity to discover how to stop dilly-dallying with your life and put into effect some of the most powerful strategies for achieving your goals both quickly and efficiently.

Maybe in the pursuit of a profitable business you have allowed your health to slide.

Maybe in the same pursuit you have exhausted your financial reserves all the while believing that a financial windfall was just around the corner.

Maybe you’ve even laid in bed late at night wondering whether, deep down, it’s not your lack of experience with getting your health or business on track that is the issue.

Maybe it’s you, and that fear that you’re missing an element of personal growth that could be the difference between FAILING yet again, or really SUCCEEDING for the first time in your life is all that is truly holding you back.

Well, these are the very same fears that our speakers once had to deal with themselves.

Nobody succeeds the first time around. Unless you get REALLY lucky you fail time and again, until something falls into place and things finally begin to happen.

But that can take years. And for some people it NEVER happens. You probably know some of these people and sworn that you would not follow in their path.

It’s all about making that long-needed change in your life

People who recognize that somewhere along their path to success they made a discovery that changed everything for them…

ONE thing that had the power to CHANGE THEIR LIVES, which they are willing to share with you in the 30 sessions of the Performance Living Summit.

Sometimes just a LITTLE thing that another person might have
dismissed as inconsequential to their journey and never followed up on.

For this exact reason – when you have experts on your side – it is easier than you might imagine to get ahead and finally make the progress you’ve been dreaming about.

Sometimes just a single shortcut can be the difference between rising to the top in your pursuit of success – or fading away, never to be celebrated for your efforts.

But make no mistake. There is no “magic key” to instant success in anything you set out to achieve.

If it worked like that, well, we’d all have perfect bodies, overflowing bank accounts, and a be celebrated from coast to coast for our ability to light up a room with our revery.

But getting where you want to go overnight should never be your chief goal. Just the act of getting there should.

So please, allow our guest speakers to reveal to you the surest, least stressful, and most reliable single strategies to transform your life for the better.

Get LIFETIME Access to 30 Expert Interviews Plus Exclusive Bonuses for… just $47 (returning to $97 soon)

Give me 60 days to prove this is the best event you’ve attended in the past 3 years


You don’t have to decide anything today.

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You’ll learn directly from the best, people who have seen the kinds of obstacles you want to avoid at all costs. This is KEY to shortening your learning curve and avoiding dead-ends.

You’ll get access to ALL of the event’s value-packed video interviews so that you can easily refer back to, or find, your favorite strategies and insights for catapulting your way to success.

Remember, you MUST love the Performance Living Summit and think it’s one of the best events you’ve been to – or we’ll happily give you a full refund.

Where will you be in 6 months?

Some people will spend the next 30 years trapped in their own private version of Groundhog Day hell.

You remember the movie. It’s the one where Bill Murray finds himself trapped in a time warp and is doomed to relive the same day over and over again until he gets it right.

Here’s the thing. Nobody but nobody deserves to befall the same fate.

The one where you bury your head in your pillow each morning and pray you have another 30 minutes before the alarm is set to go off.

But you don’t. You never do.

And for some annoying reason that you can’t quite put your finger on you just know that today is going to be like all the rest that have preceded it.

You’re stuck like that proverbial hamster in the treadmill, and you’ll get no closer your goals today than you did yesterday.

Well, Bill Murray found a way to break out of his soul-sapping

And so can you!

Six months from now, you can be feeling more relaxed, more confident than ever before.

Imagine – you’ve been able to up your psychological game, you’ve broken through that river of self-sabotaging mental molasses that has been slowing your every attempt to get ahead.

Now your health is rebounding like never before, you’re not constantly stressed about where your life is headed, and you’re experiencing an openness to the opportunities of life that until now have always eluded you.

Best of all – you’re feeling no guilt, no sacrifice, no struggle.

That’s the power that comes of knowing what those who have succeeded before you also know – but without having to pay the heavy price required of learning it all from scratch.

When you know the shortcuts, going around in circles quickly becomes a thing of the past, and you can be experiencing the benefits of the Performance Living lifestyle way sooner than you might ever have expected could be possible.

Isn’t that something every one of us deserves?

$246 Worth of BONUSES All Yours!

Complimentary PDF copy of “The Big Book Of Exercise Movements”
($12 value)

Complimentary PDF and audio copies of “Reclaim Your Longevity: 8 Simple Steps To Dial In 20 More Years Of Peak Performance Living”
($197 value)

Complimentary PDF copies of “250 Healthy Desserts And Snacks”  + Bonuses
($37 value)

Get LIFETIME Access to 30 Expert Interviews Plus Exclusive Bonuses for… just $47 (returning to $97 soon)

You don’t have to have figured it all out just yet. Honestly, it would be astonishing if you had.

But nor do you have to spend years dreaming about the fulfillment of your goals and trying to work it out on your own.

Because we have you covered.

Maybe you want to know about what it takes to secure the kind of health that affords long-term confidence in your ability to just keep showing up no matter how tough the road ahead might get…

Maybe you need to better understand the mindset that reliably dials in a robust plan for wealth creation…

Or maybe you just need to get a better handle on trying to understand who you are and what it is that you REALLY want to achieve in the years ahead…

No matter which direction you’re coming from, the speakers in the
Performance Living Summit have already spilled their secrets and you can get INSTANT LIFETIME ACCESS to their knowledge today. You don’t need to wait even one more minute to get started on your transformation.

And we can’t wait to see where you’ll be in 6 months.


Carolyn Hansen and Dr. Dan Ritchie

Get LIFETIME Access to 30 Expert Interviews Plus Exclusive Bonuses for… just $47 (returning to $97 soon)


Simply claim your All Access Pass right now for just $47.00. Then take a FULL 60 DAYS to watch the sessions and digest all of the information. Then, if our collection of Performance Living Summit recordings (and bonus material) isn’t everything that we say it is; if it isn’t everything that you HOPE it is, just let us know anytime within 60 FULL DAYS and we’ll give you your money back.

That’s how confident we are in the quality of the Performance Living Summit All Access Pass. Don’t wait another minute! Get your lifetime access to these recordings now so that you can get educated, take action and begin living the peak performance lifestyle today. Then continue to do so for decades to come.

To a long, healthy, and prosperous life!
– Carolyn Hansen & Dr. Dan Ritchie



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