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How to have endless energy in your 50s and beyond

Hello, My Name is Dawn Sylvester. I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years coaching women into a lifestyle of fitness, fat loss and strength. Because I used to be overweight, and exercised obsessively, only to end up gaining weight..I understand what mistakes women do and want to help them change their approach.

I am considered to be a fatloss expert as my workout and nutrition programs have helped women get leaner without extreme calorie cutting or by doing any cardio. I promote functional strength movements to help with focus, balance and core strength, and to prevent age related weakness and muscle loss. I also give women the tools to know and understand how to eat for energy without following fads or trends and how to stay calm and balance hormonal issues as they age so that they can sleep well at night, and have a zest for life during the day!



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