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4 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Gene Expression for Youthful Skin, Effortless Weight Loss, and Amazing Energy after 40

ERIN NIELSENErin is the Creator of Toned in Ten which focuses on short burst workouts and nutrition to defy aging and reshape your body. In addition to Toned in Ten, Erin has been a treating Physical Therapist for the last 18 years creating comprehensive and customized rehabilitative and fitness exercise programs for healthy and injured individuals.

Also, as a Certified Pilates instructor she personally knows and teaches the transformative benefits it brings, like core strength, long, lean, flexible muscles, and improved posture.

Last but not least, Erin is a Primal Blueprint Certified Expert which incorporates principles to optimize gene expression through better food choices, workouts, sleep habits and stress management.

Through her passion as a PT and other educational ventures, Erin’s Toned in Ten program is helping people defy aging, reduce stress on their joints, and finally achieve a lean and youthful body.  Erin is 41 years old and most people think she is still in her 20’s – she is living proof her program works!

Her true passion is to help people look and feel young, healthy, happy, strong, and free of pain and injury.



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