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50 Fit: Bring on the Future!

FRED SCHAFERFred Schafer is President and founder of Fully Alive Performance Systems, dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of working professionals, organizational leaders, retirees and entrepreneurs. What makes Fred unique is his depth of experience and knowledge in high performance leadership, business growth, workplace safety and fitness, health and wellness. He has won national and regional awards for sales and marketing, employee recruiting/retention and business leadership.

Fred also holds a Master’s Degree in Wellness Promotion and multiple personal trainer certifications and is the author of, “50FIT –Bring On the Future”.  His business and vocation building book, “Striking Back at Mediocrity” will be released in 2016. Fred is perhaps best known, however, for his dynamic, humorous, inspiring and information overflowing conference presentations that move participants to have more power-packed, passionate and profitable days, every day and to perform better, live stronger, and dream bigger in all they do. Since 2002 he has spoken at hundreds of conferences and high performance events in 48 states. Be prepared to explode into a stratosphere of exciting results!



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