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Tips to Rewire Your Brain To Think, Eat and Live Thin

marnaWhile many people struggle to lose weight, feel hopeless and unhappy with their weight—Marna Thall believes that in order to change your weight, you must first change your mind. With over 18 years of experience helping people become thin from within, Marna knows that struggling with weight is rarely about food, but about something deeper. Overeating is just the masking of something deeper that’s really taking place.

Thall has found that one of the two major reasons people struggle with weight from an early age has to do with issues around their mother. Through her coaching, Marna helps men and women uncover what’s really going on to reveal their thin selves in an authentic and loving fashion. Marna will guide you through the journey to forgive your mother, let go of old stories and step into the beautiful and authentic self.



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